Why Work with a CPA Personal Financial Specialist?

All areas of personal financial planning, including: income tax, estate, retirement, investments and risk management have tax implications and we have the experience and expertise to comprehensively advise you.

As a CPA/PFS professional, we are licensed by your state and adhere to a strict professional code of conduct. The CPA Code of Professional Conduct is over 125 years old and has been continually updated to meet evolving needs, new technology and changing regulations.

CPAs are the only regulated financial planners. A founding principle of the AICPA Statement on Standards in Personal Financial Planning Services and the CPA Code of Professional Conduct is “always acting in the best interest of the client,” an exceptionally important factor in selecting a financial planner.

Benefitting from the Services of a CPA Personal Financial Specialist

CPA Personal Financial Specialists provide a full range of services that can help you attain financial security and success. They have their own specialized combination of talent and will work with other professionals to complement those services customizing their offering to meet your unique needs and specific goals.


We strategize with you to maximize tax opportunities consistent with your goals. We have over 50 years of combined expertise in tax planning for businesses, individuals, families, trusts and estates.

Strategic Business Planning & Consulting

Business owners have a different set of needs than individuals and families. In many cases, however, a small business owner’s personal tax issues are intertwined and directly connected with those of their business. CPA Personal Financial Specialists act as independent advisers who can work with business owners to help them coordinate business and personal financial goals, including:

  • Creating a realistic business plan and helping you select an organizational structure that meets your needs.
  • Helping identify financing and negotiating financing terms and conditions.
  • Advising on employee benefits, executive compensation, retirement plans, insurance and other areas.

Cash Flow Management

We strategize, develop, and implement plans to optimize your cash flow to meet your short-term and long-term goals.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We facilitate the opportunity for you to lead your business to success by providing as little or as much in tax reporting and general bookkeeping services for timely compliance with tax agencies.

Financial Planning

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a new home, saving for retirement, eliminating debt, or funding a college education, a CPA/PFS can help you achieve financial milestones, including:

  • Devising practical savings and investment strategies that help you navigate the complexities of your financial life, capitalize on your fiscal strengths and address your financial weakness.
  • Helping to monitor and revise your financial plan as necessary so you can create a fluid action plan that meets your goals as well as your lifestyle.

Retirement Planning

Specialized guidance and support from a CPA Personal Financial Specialist can help you develop a plan that delivers a secure and comfortable retirement and peace of mind during your pre-retirement years.

It is never too late to plan for retirement; however, the sooner planning starts, the more financially prepared you are likely to feel when the time arrives. Specialized guidance and support from a CPA/PFS can help you develop a plan that delivers a secure and comfortable retirement and peace of mind during your pre­retirement years, including:

  • Reviewing expenses that will be, or are likely to be, incurred during your retirement and creating a plan to eliminate any shortfall between income and expenses.
  • Identifying the primary sources of retirement income that you have or should have and calculate the savings required for you.
  • To retire at a specific age and achieve your desired lifestyle.
  • Creating strategies for preserving and growing retirement account balances and distribution amounts.
  • Recommending a diverse range of tax-efficient financial tools: IRAs, 401 (k)s, investments and tax-sheltered opportunities that are best suited to your age and retirement time frame.

Estate Planning

For most of us, planning for the distribution of our financial resources and personal property can be a difficult, emotionally charged issue. However, with a CPA Personal Financial Specialist’s professional and comprehensive approach to estate planning, you can be assured that your wishes will be honored, including:

  • Reviewing wills, trusts, retirement plans and other estate planning documents and ensuring they remain up to date.
  • Developing a strategy that fulfills your goals while preserving assets for the next generation, reducing estate-tax liability and providing for sufficient liquidity.
  • Explaining methods of property transfers, estate-tax rules, the impact of the most current estate-planning legislation and possible future changes in rules and regulations.
  • Collaborating with other team members; attorneys, investment advisers, appraisers and insurance brokers, among others to ensure that every issue is properly addressed by the appropriate expert.


Risk is a part of life. It’s how you deal with it that counts. While most of us immediately think of managing risk in terms of insurance, it is important to recognize the need to protect yourself in a full range of areas. This includes both unforeseen events close to home and the fallout from financial and market conditions that might seem far away.

Your CPA/PFS can:

  • Point out areas of your plan that would be most susceptible to risk.
  • Describe the types of risks in your investment portfolio.
  • Suggest ways to manage risks; avoiding, reducing or sharing.
  • Help quantify the impact of loss of income or assets.

The point is not to be afraid; it is to have a plan in place that offers as much protection as you need to weather a storm. And who better to talk about risk in a clear, levelheaded way than an objective CPA Personal Financial Specialist?


Our international team is experienced in helping clients manage their tax risk both in the United States and abroad.


We facilitate the opportunity for you to lead your business to success by providing the CFO/Controller roles to insure you receive timely information and tools for decision making.


We work with you to simplify and coordinate the audit process so you can focus on your business.